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Vitro Natural Rasayan Powder 100g

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R 109.95

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-Rejuvenating (Rasayan) combination that raises immunity level

-Lowers the risk factors of cardiac and kidney disorders

-Promotes elimination of toxins through urinary system

-Strengthens body’s internal defense mechanism
Rasayana is age old tonic which  increases the resistance of the body.Rasayana powder contain three things like Amla,Guduchi and Gokshur.This powderis a unique combination of three very significant Rasayana – rejuvenative herbswhich are antioxidant, anti viral and anti inflammatory herbs.Itassures longevity, enhances memory, improves health, bestows youth &energy, and develops immunity and body resistance. This Ayurvedic formulaimproves immunity against viral fever and is also beneficial in supportingurinary tract.  

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