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Tara Ward - The Healing Handbook

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Use this Healing Handbook to Revitalise Your Life Force.

Many people view healing as a purely physical experience, one which is achieved through the use of pills and potions. But for thousands of years our ancestors relied on spiritual healing in times of illness, sorrow or distress. This type of healing is about dealing with the whole person and acknowledging the connection between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the self.

Spiritual healing can be very effective on a basic level and can be taught relatively easily. In The Healing Handbook author Tara Ward presents a range of techniques and tools for healing yourself and others, including children and animals.

Techniques for: Chakra awareness, relaxation, self assesment, releasing anger and resentment, healing physical conditions, creating a healing sanctuary, increasing sensitivity, developing intuition, protecting yourself, absent healing

Healing Tools: Pendulums, crystals, colour, sound, massage, spirit guides.

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