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Streax Cream Hair Colour 4 Natural Brown

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1. New Streax Hair Colour  Is Enriched with the natural Goodness of walnut oil and argan oil 
 Its give 100% gray coverage, & a rich & vibrant color to the hair. Its also makes hair silky smooth & shiny.
Walnut oil is known to enhance the natural radiance of hair. 
Argan Oil id known to  seal in natural moisture ,thus making hair softer.
New Ultrashine Conditioner in The pack is enriched with argan oil & walnut Oil, which gives coloured hair softness, smoothness and shine.
Get Long Lasting Colour in 3 easy steps 1. Mix the colourant and developer in non-metallic bowl.follow the instruction leaflet inside the pack 2. Apply the mixture to dry  hair. Its creamy texture, spreads easily and not drip. 3.leave for 30 minutes. Rinse the coloured hair with Luke warm water until water runs clear. Shampoo with a mild shampoo and apply streax ultrashine conditioner. Leave it for 1-2 minutes then rinse out
Recommended:-This pack can be used for multiple application  . More then one pack may be required for long hair . If you have more grey hair , choose a shade that is similar to or darker then your natural hair colour . Wash your hair at least 1 day before the application . Do not use any hair oil or other treatments before you colour your hair 
NOTE:- Results very  depending upon your natural hair colour, texture and percentage of grey hair. . Fashion shades are not recommended for hair with more then 20% grey area.
Net content/ Net Quantity
Colour 50g
Developer 50ml
Conditioner 4 in sachets of 5ml each Gloves: 1 n pair Application Brush: 1 N Instruction Leafflet: 1 N

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