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Musaji Soffy Gold 500 GM

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R 103.95

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With Soffy Gold Tea, Musaji offers strong, quality tea to tea lovers who prefer to have their chai extra strong. Made from 100% tea leaves without the tampering of preservatives, artificial flavours and colours, you savour only the authentic taste of pure Assam tea. It has been handpicked from the top tea gardens in Assam by tea experts who ensure the leaves are not grown using pesticides and harmful chemicals. Finely blended by experienced tea tasters to achieve a perfect balance of rich colour, strong taste and refreshing aroma, each sip of Soffy Gold Tea is rejuvenating. Any time is tea time with Soffy Gold Tea! Welcome your guests with sweets and the invigorating strength of this warm tea or savour a revitalizing cup by yourself. Hygienically packed to retain the aroma and freshness, this powerful and energizing flavour is available at pocket-friendly prices.

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