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Angel Blessings for Babies

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With their themes of healing and wholeness, the meditations and prayers in the book offer a way of connecting to the spirit that babies bring from the heavenly realm to earth. This connection can help form a deep, abiding bond with a baby, which is rooted in unconditional love and absolute and total acceptance. Such a foundation insures stability, wholeness and acceptance as an intrinsic part of the spiritual make-up we all bring into the world and carry throughout our lives. The book supports young parents, grandparents, siblings and close relatives, in accepting their roles; it helps them release old wounds from their own childhoods, which may limit the full expression of their love for their child. It provides guidance for accepting the demanding tasks of parenting and it attempts to ensure that all babies brought into the world are loved, cherished and kept safe. Our angelic connections help us forge the deepest and most heartfelt connections with our baby.

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