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Smartafro About us

It is said that Rome was not built in a day! Definitely!!! To build anything beautiful and praiseworthy needs patience; and more than patience, you should be passionate enough for it. To shape SmartAfro as it is today, we have been passionate, resilient and of course meticulous in the way we get things done.

When we talk ‘Smart Afro’ we talk about ‘Great work’, referring to the largest, and perhaps the best, greatest, most popular, or most renowned achievement in African innovation.

‘Smartafro’, taking the next step to making Africa digital’

Smart Afro is the outcome of two passionate friends’ vision and idea to provide a simple and easy to buy/sell online souk. It is a place where a consumer can get a wide range of products they wish to purchase at the most affordable price; whilst being a platform where a seller can trade their most valued products.

At Smart Afro we make it our priority to provide the best quality product. As we fulfil a consumer’s desire of receiving the best product at the most economical price, we also place value on the needs of the seller.  Before selling a particular product to the consumer, we ascertain the quality of the manufactured goods and when we are satisfied it is then, that the product is sold to the consumer. And this is the reason why we consider our self as the most flexible place for a buyer and seller.

Incepted in 2016, Smart Afro is a word which expresses everything in a single term.

The main idea behind Smart Afro is to offer products to the consumer directly from the manufacturer at the most affordable price. It has become the synonym for the largest buying and selling point.

While adhering to these relevant issues of best quality and affordable prices, we also concentrate on an important key factor—timely delivery. As per our promise, we are also dedicated to delivering your orders in the time limit proposed by you which we take as our core responsibility. To make good on this promise, we have well equipped packaging centres and warehouses along with the best courier companies in South Africa as our delivery partners.

Today, Smart Afro has thousands of satisfied users and more than 60,000 products which can be delivered to any corner in South Africa.


Our mission is to advance South Africa into taking a big leap in the international market place. We strongly support the “Made in South Africa” slogan and Smart Afro is just a foundation for the slogan.


At Smart Afro our vision is to provide the best quality product to the consumer at the most affordable price. For us your contentment is our first yield. For sellers, we provide a platform where they can reach the places that they were unable to penetrate their business. We are the ones who give them the opportunity to increase their business in a limited time period.


Every single customer expects the product which he/she is purchasing to be of reasonable prices & of the best quality. And that is our prime goal; to provide the best quality products at the most affordable prices. And likewise do our vendors have the opportunity to provide excellent quality products at the most affordable prices.

At Smart Afro, Your satisfaction is our profit & your concerns our priorities. We also provide the best platform to sellers or our manufacturer friends in terms of usability & management of products & inventory. Our promise to them is to give the best selling experience ever with our highly moderate & efficient model of selling your products with us online.